Physical Asset & Financial Management Services

Parkside Property Management is a well-established firm with its head office located in London, Ontario. We are currently managing over one hundred properties in fifteen different municipalities across Southern Ontario. Parkside Property Management was formed in 1969 by its current owner, and was subsequently incorporated in 1976.

Parkside Property Management is a versatile company that offers management services for a broad range of properties.

Physical Asset Management

Parkside Properties appreciate in value. That’s why Parkside Property Management offers a sophisticated array of property management services to our clients, from our detailed attention to a property’s physical condition and appearance to our detailed attention to owner and tenant service.

Financial Asset Management

Some of our clients focus on maximizing property investment profits, while others focus on efficient break-even property management for their investment. Whether you require property management on a profit or not-for-profit basis, the accounting staff at Parkside Property Management can show you how your money is earned and spent.

Property Management Team

Award winning services, delivered by an amazing team.

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