Physical Asset Management

Appreciated properties appreciate in value. That’s why Parkside Property Management offers a sophisticated array of property management services to our clients, from our detailed attention to a property’s physical condition and appearance to our detailed attention to owner and tenant service.

At Parkside Property Management, we know that an essential component of successful property management is the maintenance and improvement of the physical property. We believe that a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs increases the value of the property, extends its serviceable life, and helps to reduce the overall costs associated with the property.

Our maintenance division is well-equipped, experienced, and capable of providing both general and specialized maintenance services, even on a 24-hour emergency basis. Our high volume of business and relationships with our vendors and other sub-contractors in most cases allow us to pass on significant savings on maintenance costs to our clients.

Our Property Managers and administrative staff are experienced and knowledgeable with respect to the legislation and industry best practices for the wide variety of properties that we manage, ensuring that all of our clients’ properties operate at optimum efficiency and within the boundaries of the law.

Above all else, the staff at Parkside Property Management firmly believes that our owners and tenants have better things to do with their time than be unduly worried about their properties and their homes. That’s why we strive for service excellence: to make their property management experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Property Management Team

Award winning services, delivered by an amazing team.

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