Financial Asset Management

Some of our clients focus on maximizing property investment profits, while others focus on efficient break-even property management for their investment. Whether you require property management on a profit or not-for-profit basis, the accounting staff at Parkside Property Management can show you how your money is earned and spent.

Parkside Property Management Limited employs a full complement of experienced and bonded employees to administer complete computerized accounting functions. We provide our clients with monthly or quarterly financial statements and reports (respecting the needs of our client). This provides an accurate and comprehensive status report to the owner(s) of a respective property. A full internal review of all financial statements is performed by one of our two in-house Chartered Professional Accountants prior to their submission to our clients.

We operate within a framework of utmost openness and good faith with our clients. We maintain a very strict and accountable system of controls for purchase orders, payables and government taxes. All payables are clearly listed within the financial statements provided to owners. We take advantage of all discounts and savings where applicable. We pursue all receivables within the limits of the law. Our accounting reporting system is designed to permit property owners to view all internal financial workings of their property by simply reviewing the financial statements.

Parkside Property Management Limited maintains and reports accurate budget-related information for the property owner(s) at all times. We are confident that with the combined experience of our property managers and our accounting department, we can provide our clients with the most accurate and reliable financial statements possible.

Property Management Team

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